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Learn to Play Go Already!
a loving homage to the original "Interactive Way to Go"
| Basic rules Collapse △
Just 5 simple steps
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1. The BOARD and the STONES 2. How to CAPTURE stones? 3. No SELF CAPTURING please 4. No INFINITE REPETITION either 5. ENDING the game and COUNTING Bonus quiz FAQ
| Basic (but cool) techniques Collapse △
Played some games already? Now learn to play with style!
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1. Alive (IMMORTAL) groups 2. CUTS 3. DOUBLE atari! 4. LADDERS 5. NETS 6. SNAPBACK 7. SEKI (barely alive) Bonus quiz
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For those who feel like switching to 19x19
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1. What to do in the OPENING 2. Middle game 3. Is ENDGAME important? 4. Make some SHAPE 5. Most common beginner MISTAKES 6. Understand a PROFESSIONAL game
| What's next?
Where can you use your newfound skill?
Where can you PLAY? Where can you LEARN more? Where can you ASK QUESTIONS? DICTIONARY of Go terms?
| Who's behind this?
This site was made for the love of the game and our community. If you found a mistake contact me (AdamR) on the OGS, I will try to fix it as soon as possible. The whole project is licensed under creative commons (CC BY-NC 4.0) and you can download or help develop it on (GitLab). My sincerest thanks to all the members of the OGS community who were very supportive in my efforts and kept trying to make it as good as possible. Most notably:

Lucas Westermann
Who managed the whole technical side of the project and patiently kept explaining what I need to press to make it all work.

Kosh (Faith manages),
Who wrote a portion of the texts and spent his evenings crawling through my horrible grammar,

and Travis Roe-Raymond who volunteered a lot of his spare time to revise all the texts in detail, and improved them even more notably than I would have thought possible.

This website uses (jGoBoard), and (very slightly modified) (WGo) javascript libraries.

This website (and costs of running it) are small, and for now I am lucky enough to be able to afford it without trouble. However, if you REALLY like what we did, have nothing better to spend on, and would like to make sure it stays online for other beginners as well, consider sending a dollar (more is not needed) my way. Thank you for even considering.