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| Where Can I Learn More?

Not done learning yet?

With Go, you will never be done learning.

Go wiki

This is a Go player’s Wikipedia. It is not perfect but it is the best we have and is packed with information.

Online Go Club

Open Study Room
An amazing project run by a dear friend of mine. It is basically a Go club online. Lectures and reviews by high-dan or even professional players, league games for prizes, lots of friendly advice…

Video Lectures (there are a lot to choose from, so just to cover the basics…)

Nick Sibicky

Great guy, publishing actual lectures from an American Go club. I think these are great for beginners.


A famous high dan player with highly regarded “Basic series” which focuses on the fundamentals. Might be good knowing a bit already before watching.

Official AGA channel

Probably for those at least around Single digit kyu level. Hosting reviews by the absolutely phenomenal Michael Redmond (9p).

Sunday Go Lessons

Posting translated commentaries from Japanese title matches. Go watch Cho Chikun, it is a treat.

Series and Movies

Hikaru no Go
A beloved animated series about a young Go player on his way to professional level. With huge attention to detail and a great selection of actual games, all levels can learn something from watching.

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