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In my mother tongue, it is called stairs, which is much more fitting (shame on English).

Okay, ladders. They are the bread and butter of every serious Go player. They are everywhere! The idea is simple but training your mind to seeing them takes time. But seriously, understand ladders or go home. It’s the difference between killing and being killed.

Ladders are again (as with most things in Go) simple in the idea but hard to apply well. Let us start with a simple example.

Black to play

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A ladder is a situation where a stone (or a group of stones) can never get more than one new liberty. Meaning your opponent can keep atariing it until it all hits a wall or another stone. It’s that simple. However, I can’t stress enough how important ladders are. You have to see a ladder before it actually comes to it. Playing out a ladder that doesn’t work in your favor is usually CATASTROPHIC.

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