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Lost in all the terminology?

We sometimes get a little carried away with all the foreign words, not realizing that we are talking to a new player. If that happens consult here, or just ask us to speak normally :)

Aji - a potential. some weakness to be exploited

Atari - danger of immediate capture (stone or a group has only one liberty)

Dame - a neutral point not surrounded by either player

DDK (double digit kyu) - a player below 9k

Fuseki (The opening) - first few moves of a game (until a fight breaks out or players move above 4th line)

Geta - a net

Gote - the opposite of Sente, playing a move that does not need to be answered

Joseki - a known sequence (usually near a corner) that is believed to be locally optimal for both players

Miai - two or more different moves to achieve the same desired result. This usually means that you can safely play elsewhere.

SDK (single digit kyu) - a player stronger than 10k but weaker than dan.

Sente (initiative) - a state where you do not feel the need to respond locally and chose where to play next

Tesuji (clever play) - usually a beautiful local move that solves some trouble, or inflicts it, without any chance of being foiled

TPK (twenty plus kyu) - a completely inexperienced player

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