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A fitting name for once.

Ah, snapback. One of the coolest techniques out there (although not THE coolest). You are doing great. Keep it up and I might even show you the (arguably) most mind-blowing trick we have in Go. But let’s focus on the task at hand.

A snapback is a situation where capturing a stone does not actually increase the liberties of a group and it remains in atari.

It may not sound like much but wait till you see it in action.

Black to play

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These are NOT KO! While you are recapturing with a stone that just got captured, the game position is different and your opponent has no chance of capturing back.

With snapback, it is often a case of getting an edge by threatening to create a snapback rather than actually snapping back. Either way, try to look for snapbacks in your games. They are more common than you might think.

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