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Frequently asked questions about Go rules and other stuff

Some questions come up repeatadly (and quite naturally) when one is learning the game. If you are not sure about some situation, chances are you will find your answer below. You can link to any particular answer just by opening it up and then sharing the URL.

Questions about rules

Can't I just throw a random stone to opponent's territory and force him to capture it making him/her lose 4 points? >

If there are groups at sort of an impasse (neither can capture the other) how is it scored? >

There are more rulesets in Go? What are the differences? >

What is the bent four rule? >

Is it true that under Chinese rules I can play inside my own territory or let my stones die without losing points (since captures are not worth anything)? >

Questions about history and traditions

What is kyu and dan / How do the traditional ranks work? >

I have heard that Go is the oldest board game in the world, is it true? >

What was all the fuss about computers and Go? >

A polite first move >

Questions about learning

Is it okay to start by playing bots? >

When should I switch to 19x19 board? >

How long does it take to reach dan levels? >

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